Chronicles of A Third World Storyteller – Episode 5: Building The Demo Reel

Week 12 – Piecing it all together.


As much I love or interested in developing games, I am still a film student. It’s been fun so far, and I still have another few more months to finalised my demoreel. But, I have enough footage to make a draft of my demo reel now. Time to go to work. Before that,


Projects Updates:

1. NeonKnight – Dev Diaries/Trailer

The first video of Neonknight dev diary is (almost) complete. I’ve just their early game build footage as a placeholders because they’re working on it as we speak. The video above is more or less the the finalised edit with placeholders footage. I still have one more video edit to go, probably two, depending on the the availability of the rest of the game developers. It’s going to be a busy week next week for me, since they’re probably done with their game build and they want me to edit it together into a trailer.


2. The Wisp- Corporate Video/Trailer

A faithful representation of me throughout these few weeks.
I haven’t got a chance to edit this one together. I know that I’m supposed to put an edit together before the start of this week, but I was busy editing and refining the other videos I have to do. But I’m on it. This will be an interesting video to put together. And like NeonKnight, I’m expecting a build this week from them for to screen-capture and edit it into a trailer.


3. Incapacitor – Dev Diaries

Remember the little mockumentary edit that I’ve done few weeks ago? So is the is the finalised edit of it. Super happy with the final result. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to film this week dev diary of Incapacitor. This is because there were events that were going on at the place we wanted to film. So we decided to postpone it. Posibbly, the dev diary that I shot last week, could be [Team Redacted] last dev diary before they published Incapacitor. Hoping that I will at least get one more chance before they decided to publish their game next week.




Not much update on this one yet, as the developers are busy finishing up Invaders From The Deep. Sorry. Will post it as soon as there are words about this new game that they’re developing after their current game.


5. Hand of Rogues – Copywriter


Not much update on this one as well. Mobile Arcade, the team that I’m currently is still finalising their game mechanics and systems. I just have to wait till I’m being called to action. Sorry again guys 😦


5. Iris – Writer


Even though I’m happy writing in Celtx and my team, Sclera is happy with the color-coding system that I’ve implemented for it, my output was too slow. So, with the guidance and advice by Brendan Keogh and Christy Dena, I abandoned my “filmmaking writing method” (for a while) and starting to think like a designer. I got too comfy writing like that, and I forgot to think like designer. So, I made a “outline” or a “diagram” of some sort, to basically craft the narrative in Iris. Boom, output increase possibly 1000 percent. Okay, that’s a lie, maybe like 300 percent. I will go back to writing the dialogues in the script, but for now, diagram, spreadsheet is my best friend.
UPDATE: I’m postponing my design/writing for the game, due to other work/assignment commitment. I’ll get back to it eventually. I’m actually glad that I don’t have to rush my work for this game, and the team do not have to present the story to come up with their mechanics in the game. Phew!


Final Thoughts

“Busy busy busy” is all I have to say for this week’s blog. Tips for someone who is something as maniacal as me; Drink more coffee, and sleep a couple of times for a few hours in a day, to get “enough” rest for your body. Anyway, till next time. Oh wait, I’ve said that before haven’t i? Oh well.



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