Chronicles of A Third World Storyteller – Episode 4: Dev Diary, Dev Diary, Dev Diary

Week 10 – The Non-stop filming of “Dev Diary” and Writing

I’m incredibly exhausted. I am so exhausted that, I have skipped last week blogging about what I’ve done. But, the things I’ve been doing last week, are the same thing I’ve been doing this week. So, without the further ado,

Projects Updates:

1. NeonKnight – Dev Diaries/Trailer

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I’m on the editing process as of this moment for their first dev diary. I’ve got all of the footage I need, so all I need to do it piecing it together. For now, they are still working on their game, and they’re been spending countless hours polishing the look and the feel of the game. For now, I’m just going to work with what I have and put artworks and prototype in-game footage as placeholders till they’re happy to give a footage of their game. Same goes for their game trailer as well.


2. The Wisp- Corporate Video/Trailer

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Just last Saturday, I have finished filming all of the footage I needed to build the corporate video. Really really happy with the footage I have shot myself. Sometimes I forgot that camera are camera and I don’t need to overthink it when I need to film some stuff. Also, my idea for showing game developers in a different light starts to come to its fruition. This will definitely show them in a different light. Anyway, on to the editing process.


3. Incapacitor – Mockumentary-style Dev Diaries

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Last Thursday, I have finished [Team Redacted] official 1st dev diary. Sadly, we couldn’t go through filming it ala mockumentary style, as I stated before. But the stuff we got is still great. Their games are looking and feeling better by the way. I’m still awaiting their approval for their mockumentary edit which I have finished editing. Other than that, onto the editing their first official dev diary.


4. Invader From The Deep – Commercial – NEW GAME PROJECT COMMERCIAL


Okay, okay. Hear me out. I just got moved to a different project from the same game developer. And the reason why it’s because the next game that they’re making will be a lot more bigger than the game they’re currently developing for their final game. What that means? I’ll be honest, I don’t fully understand what they mean by that, but they want me on board in it. And I am. Moving on.


5. Hand of Rogues – Copywriter


Mobile Arcade, the team that I’m in an currently writing for are busy coming up with a strong concept of a card game. In the mean time, the project leader is asking us to read the GDD document of the game. It is not fully finished yet, and like I said, they are working hard on finalising the concept of it. No writings for me yet as of now.


5. Iris – Writer


20 pages in and I’m now writing for the next area of the game, right after the boss fight. I don’t want to say that In underestimate the amount of writing that I have to do for this game, but I kind of did. Since I’m a very open writer, I asked the team to give me feedback of what I’ve written so far. I color-coded my response to the team’s feedback about it. More about it the next few days.
There’s more writing that needs to be done before we reach Week 12, and it’s coming up pretty soon. I need to figure out a way to writer faster for Iris, because normal script format is not (completely) ideal when you’re design a narrative for a small (yet quite) RPG game like this.


Final Thoughts

“Busy busy busy” is all I have to say for this week’s blog. Tips for someone who is something as maniacal as me; Drink more coffee, and sleep a couple of times for a few hours in a day, to get “enough” rest for your body. Anyway, till next time.


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