Vae-what now?

So I made a new card game rule for standard 52-card deck. At first when I wrote it, I wanted it to be a simple card game about managing odds. Then I just kept on writing. And writing. And writing. And writing. And now, it look like this:


And here’s the second page for extra information regarding certain card types within the new rule:



…Oh. My. G-

I know, I know. I went overboard with it. In the beginning, I was struggling to come up with new rules for 52-card deck. And now, I just can’t believe that I wrote this insanely in-depth rules.


This card game rule isn’t complete yet. There are still many tweaks that I need to do with the rules. There have been many that has given suggestions and ideas regarding it. And I’m slowly working it into the rules. For now, I would like you good readers to test out this current “version” of the card game and tell me what you think of it.
Also, a post-mortem blog regarding this card game rules that I’ve made, will be posted soon. Stay tuned.


But you haven’t tell us about the meaning of “Vae-Victis!”

It’s Latin for “woe to the conquered!”. And I got from game, specifically a game character called Kain from, well, Legacy of Kain. There, I have spilled the beans. You all need to play Legacy of Kain games, seriously!

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