Chronicles of A Third World Storyteller – Episode 2: Writing For Games & Crunching Times.

Week 7 – Study Week


This week is study week for us. Meaning, there will be no classes on this week. And the game design design students are hard at work, especially this week. I got a chance to  really sit down and get to know and talk about their projects and what they’re doing. It’s “crunch time” for them. But it also means “crunch time” for me.
I also got a chance to sit down and talk with one of the lecturers about writing for games. Basically, in this talk, he leveled with me about the reality about writing for games. He said that writing for games is different than design narrative for the game? Writing for games are essentially doing descriptions texts, dialogues, hint and tips, and every other copywriting needed for the game.
To be completely honest, I truly know what I’m getting on. And frankly, I don’t mind doing those type of writings. Even though I got a chance to write the narrative for Iris, I don’t really expect at the time to be design narratives within the game. We all have to start somewhere. All I seek, is experiences in working with games.


Projects Updates:

1. NeonKnight – Dev Diaries/Trailer



The first recordings of their dev diaries have sound issues. Turns out, the sound were recorded through the lapel mics that I have put on them, but rather through the camera built-in mics. It sounded terrible, so unfortunately we had to re-shoot it. On this Saturday (12th November, 2016), We’re filming the 2nd part of the dev diary, followed by re-shoot of the first part of the dev diary on the following Monday (14th of November, 2016).
I’m really glad at this point that the team were kind enough to let re-shoot their interviews. They’re super open about. Other than that, I had to edit a trailer together for their game. I still have to wait for them to finish their games before I can do it that. In the mean time, I’ll just focus on their dev diaries


2. The Wisp – Corporate



So, the game developers behind The Wisp and I have come out with a cool idea in regards to their corporate. Instead of filming them behind video game backgrounds and computers, the idea is to not just film them in a different background, but also show a different side to them as game developers.
The idea is still the same; which is breaking the stigma of what people think about game developers or gamers, but the way we approached it is different. The idea that inspire me to do this is this video:
Of course I’m not copying the whole format, but I really like the approach to the interview. It’s very candid, very playful, but it has a strong message. The production of this corporate video is starting tomorrow (7th of November, 2016).


3. Incapacitor – Mockumentary-style Dev Diaries



This the other team I have finalised of ways I am approaching their dev diaries. Since the team love comedies, I decided to make a mockumentary-style of their development diary videos. The team behind Incapacitor are keen to do it, as well as acting in their mockumentary. And I’m glad that they do.
The way I’m personally approaching this is to not make them memorise a script, but rather giving them hyper-exaggeration of their characters, and the situations they’re in. With that information they will improvise it. Of course there will be written outlines (and script) that will act as a guidance, just in case if it didn’t work out as expected.
Of course, this will not purely be a mockumentary. First and foremost, they are development diaries, where they are talking about the game that they’re currently working on. But we’re mockumentary (or comedy) as the vehicle to deliver it.
The production for the first video begins this Thursday (10th of November, 2016).


4. Invader From The Deep (working title) – Commercial


What I wanted to do this week, is to keep on working on the script (link to the script here), scouting a location, and do pre-vis of it. But I couldn’t do it this week, due to other commitments. The team behind Invader From The Deep are still working on their art asset. So this upcoming week, I’m planning to do pre-vis with my cinematographer at a park, somewhere in Brisbane.


5. Hand of Rogues (working title) – Copywriter/Commercial



As I have stated on last week blog, MOBILE ARCADE, the team behind Hand of Rogues are currently in the pre-production stage of the development. They are working on the mechanics, dynamics, designs as well as the tools and resources to development the card game.
In the mean time, there is still not much writing to be done yet. So I’m on standy-mode and once the production begins, I’ll be writing all of the card descriptions and flavor texts in the game.
The project lead asked me if I can do a commercial for them. And I said yes. However it will not be in production till next trimester. More stuff for the demo reel!
Also, I would like to point to point out that Game Design students love their Discord/Slack, which is pretty cool!


6. Iris – Lead Writer


Me and the project/creative lead of the project, Jake have map out some outlines for the narrative arc within the game.  The way that we going to work together right now, is that he’ll come up with the backstories of the game’s world, characters and its enemies and I will flesh them out and design a narrative within the game. The idea is to have a Protagonist with a more active motivation and reason to go through the end of the game.
So far Dox(The Protagonist) found out that the world that he is (Vae) is going to end. The robots (no name for them yet) are currently building a huge ark-like ship to ship all of the living creatures in this planet (except for them and humans) to another planet. His motivation right now, is to make sure his robot dog (Blind) is in that Ark-like ship. How is going to get there, by travelling through The Palatium (the capital city of Vae) and fight robots that are stopping him to meet with the leader of the robots, Omnes Videntes.
As of now, I’m mind-mapping the story arc to get a clear vision of how the story in the game would flow. The rough draft of the story will be done within next week.


Final Thoughts

Wow. It’s going to be a pretty busy week for me. And it’s going to get busier by the week. I can do this. I’ve been through busier projects than this. Just need a lot of coffee this week.

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