‘Vlambeer’ and “Game Feel” – Addendum

Extra Extra, Read All About It!

Alright ladies and gents, you know the drill. This blog will be used to post anything related to previous blog I’ve discussed. In this blog, It will be just me sharing links, articles and pictures related to ‘Vlambeer’ and “Game Feel”.
Think of it as a the ‘lore’ section of the previous blog. Constantly check this blog at times to see what new stuff I’ve added into this blog. Fedya, out.


Update #1 – 15th October 2016

‘Design & Marketing of Nuclear Throne’

I’ve been wanting to share about this video for a while now. I’ve included on the reference links, but I have to share it again. It’s good. You know when I promised to talk about this ‘Performative Development’. Yeah, it was because of this video. But I need to do more research on this. A blog about will come out… Some day 🙂


‘Nuclear Throne: Performative Game Development in Hindsight’

You should watch this video. It’s basically sharing their experience regarding ‘Performative Game Development’. It’s golden. Got some tips about streaming to Twitch as well to those who are interested in, er… Twitch-ing.


‘Rami Ismail: I Want To Show You Something Annoying (screenshake 2014 keynote)’

In my previous blog, we feature the 50 percent of Vlambeer, Jan Willem Nijman. How about the other 50 percent? Well, check this video of Rami Ismail in action. Wait till the very end to see one mega punchline by him.

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