Dys4ia – Addendum

When You Have So Much or Extra Stuff To Share…

Like “DOOM – Addendum”, this is basically this is blog or a ‘space’ for me to post to whatever related to ‘Dys4ia’ from games designs to  its rise to popularity. It will be structured and more of sharing links, articles and pictures related to ‘Dys4ia’. I could add this to my previous post, but it will too long and that blog has already got a lot going for it at the moment.
This would be a perfect ‘space’ for me to keep posting about anything that I can find about ‘Dys4ia’. Think of it as a the ‘lore’ section of that comes before it blog. Constantly check at times to see what new stuff I’ve added into this blog. Fedya, out.

UPDATE #1 – 11th October 2016

“Is Dys4ia a Game About The Transgender Experience or Is It a Work of Art?” – Flavorwire – This is quite an interesting article by Whitney Mallet. Check it out. I personally think any form of visual piece that opens a dialogue, rattling the foundation of what is “normal” in society, is a work of art. While others may think it’s not because “blablablabla interactivity factor, blablablabla entertainment factor, blablablabla you’re not supposed to “play” art, blablablabla”. 

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