DOOM – Addendum

What is this blog post for?

Basically this i s a blog or a ‘space’ for me to post to whatever related to ‘DOOM’ from games designs to  its rise to popularity. It will be structured and more of sharing links and pictures related to ‘DOOM’. I could add this to my previous post, but it will too long and that blog has already got a lot going for it at the moment.
Plus, this would be a perfect ‘space’ for me to keep posting about anything that I can find about ‘DOOM’. Think of it as a the ‘lore’ section of that comes before it blog. Constantly check at times to see what new stuff I’ve added into this blog. Fedya, out.


‘Forerunners: The History of the PC Side-Scroller’
IGN – 27th September, 2016

‘id Software Part 3: he Game That Stopped The World’
Machinima – 21st March, 2016


UPDATE #2 – GIBHARD – 03.10.2016

I often wondered if that 2D run and gun FPS aesthethics/gameplay that made “DOOM” or “DUKE NUKEM 3D” so freaking popular back in the days, can still be manifested into the current indie gaming scenes.
Well, Turns out there it can.
Presenting “GIBHARD”, a procedural generated, run and gun FPS. 

Look pretty promising. Here’s the link to the main website if you want to know more of it. Can’t wait to play it. Getting all giddy just thinking about it.
Sidenote: How sucky is WordPress support for WebM and GifV format? They don’t even support customs plugins that support it. Might have to transfer to a new blog site that has proper support. Or else my future posts will have more 20-50MB Gifs in it… 😦

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